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The Church in the World

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April 2009

From the Editor. The Bible tells us this world is God's good creation inhabited by a humanity made in his image, but it is, as well, fallen in Adam and thus referred to by Paul as "this present evil age." How should a Christian live in this world? One issue of this journal cannot pretend to answer this question fully. However, I hope that the articles presented here will encourage us as we consider our answers. To that end, my editorial draws our attention to the church's role as an embassy of Christ.

Carl Trueman has taken on a large task in reviewing the decade and a half project of cultural criticism by professor David Wells through the lens of his final summation, The Courage to Be Protestant. Wells's theological sociology has provided the church with a wealth of material by which to assess the temptations of modernity from a biblical and Reformed perspective. Professor Wells has graciously allowed us to publish his response to the review.

Meanwhile Diane Olinger and Barry Traver review two important new books, helping to sharpen our critical powers in the reading of fiction.

Finally, the irrepressible Eutychus II is back, regaling us with edifying humor.

Blessings in the Lamb,
Gregory Edward Reynolds


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