ACKNOWLEDGMENTS by Andrew Kuyvenhoven

Most of the wisdom I pass on in these pages comes from the Bible. And if it does not come directly from God's Word, it comes from my parents, children, numerous teachers, and countless others I've met in books, in person, or both.

Three months of meditations—March, June, and September—are a reworking of material originally written for The Back To God Hour and published in their Today magazine.

Scripture references are from the New International Version of the Bible unless otherwise indicated.

When the meditations for a month follow a book of the Bible, I studied commentaries on the text and have probably borrowed many phrases and ideas. However, because my study and writing spanned a long period of time, the authors' ideas found their way into my thinking gradually. I assign no credit to other writers, because I do not recall to whom credit is due. May these authors graciously consider my use of their ideas a form of my admiration for them.


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