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PREFACE by Andrew Kuyvenhoven

Seventeen years ago I finished Daylight. I now find it irresistible to call my second book of Bible meditations Twilight. This name doesn't mean that the book is only for old people nor that it should be read at sunset. (Although I have always done better meditating at dusk than at dawn.) This book could have been called Daylight II.

Most books of meditations aim to give the reader a daily spiritual vitamin. So does this one. I write with the conviction that the Word usually reaches the heart by way of the head. Therefore I spend more time on explanation than is customary in devotions.

I am older now and closer to one end and another beginning. I thank the members of the congregations where I served and learned. Especially I thank Ena, who has been my critic, lover, and friend for more than forty years. And I thank God, for whose kingdom I wait and work. With him the twilight will bring a brighter dawn.

Lord of the far horizon
Give me the eyes to see
Over the verge of sundown
The beauty that is to be.
Andrew Kuyvenhoven, March 1994
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