Original Trinity Hymnal, #25
Psalm 102:17-28

The Lord has heard and answered prayer
And saved his people in distress;
This to the coming age declare,
That they his holy name may bless.

The Lord, exalted on his throne,
Looked down from heaven with pitying eye
To still the lowly captive's moan
And save his people doomed to die.

All men in Zion shall declare
His gracious name with one accord,
When kings and nations gather there
To serve and worship God the Lord.

Before my journey is complete
My vigor fails, my years decline;
My God, O spare me, I entreat;
The days of life are wholly thine.

The earth and heavens shall pass away,
Like vesture worn and laid aside,
But changeless thou shalt live for aye,
Thy years for ever shall abide.

Thou, O Jehovah, shalt endure,
Thy throne for ever is the same;
And to all generations sure
Shall be thy great memorial name.

Thy servants' children shall remain
For evermore before thy face;
Enduring honor they shall gain,
Established ever in thy grace.

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