Original Trinity Hymnal, #38
Psalm 89:5, 13-18

The praises of thy wonders, Lord,
The heavens shall express;
And in the congregation
Of saints thy faithfulness.

Thou hast an arm that's full of power:
Thy hand is great in might;
And thy right hand exceedingly
Exalted is in height.

Justice and judgment of thy throne
Are made the dwelling place;
Mercy, accompanied with truth,
Shall go before thy face.

O greatly blessed the people are
The joyful sound that know;
In brightness of thy face, O Lord,
They ever on shall go.

Because the glory of their strength
Doth only stand in thee;
And in thy favor shall our horn
And pow'r exalted be.

For God is our defense; and he
To us doth safety bring:
The Holy One of Israel
Is our almighty King.

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