Original Trinity Hymnal, #43
From Psalm 99

God the Lord is King: before him
Earth with all thy nations, wait!
Where the cherubim adore him,
Sitteth he in royal state:
He is holy; He is holy;
Blessed, only Potentate!

God the Lord is King of glory,
Zion, tell the world his fame;
Ancient Israel, the story
Of his faithfulness proclaim:
He is holy; He is holy;
Holy is his awful name.

Laws divine to them were spoken
From the pillar of the cloud;
Sacred precepts, quickly broken!
Fiercely then his vengeance flowed:
He is holy; He is holy;
To the dust their hearts were bowed.

But their Father God forgave them
When they sought his face once more:
Ever ready was to save them,
Tenderly did he restore:
He is holy; He is holy;
We too will his grace implore.

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