Original Trinity Hymnal, #58

The Lord is King! Lift up thy voice,
O earth; and all ye heavens, rejoice:
From world to world the joy shall ring,
The Lord omnipotent is king.

The Lord is King! Who then shall dare
Resist his will, distrust his care,
Or murmur at his wise decrees,
Or doubt his royal promises?

The Lord is King! Child of the dust,
The judge of all the earth is just;
Holy and true are all his ways:
Let every creature speak his praise.

Alike pervaded by his eye,
All parts of his dominion lie;
This world of ours, and worlds unseen,
And thin the boundary between.

One Lord, one empire, all secures;
He reigns, and life and death are yours:
Through earth and heaven one song shall ring,
"The Lord omnipotent is King!"

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