Original Trinity Hymnal, #61
From Psalm 47

Rejoice, ye people, homage give,
To God with voice of triumph sing;
He ruleth in dread majesty,
The great, the universal king.

He putteth nations under us
And maketh us triumphant stand;
He giveth for our heritage
His promised rest, a goodly land.

God hath ascended with a shout,
Jehovah with the trumpet's sound;
Sing praise to God our King, sing praise,
Yea, let his glorious praise abound.

Our God is King of all the earth,
With thoughtful heart his praise make known,
O'er all the nations God doth reign,
Exalted on his holy throne.

To praise and serve our covenant God
The princes of the earth draw nigh;
All kingly pow'rs belong to him,
He is exalted, God most high.

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