Original Trinity Hymnal, #68
From Psalm 115:1-3, 9-14, 18

Not unto us, O Lord of heav'n,
But unto thee be glory given;
In love and truth thou dost fulfil
The counsels of thy sovereign will;
Though nations fail thy pow'r to own,
Yet thou dost reign, and thou alone.

Let Israel trust in God alone,
The Lord whose grace and power are known;
To him your full allegiance yield,
And he will be your help and shield;
All those who fear him God will bless,
His saints have proved his faithfulness.

All ye that fear him and adore,
The Lord increase you more and more;
Both great and small who him confess,
You and your children he will bless.
Yea, we will ever bless his Name;
Praise ye the Lord, his praise proclaim.

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