Original Trinity Hymnal, #74
Psalm 91:1-6, 11-12, 14

The man who once has found abode,
Within the secret place of God
Shall with Almighty God abide,
And in his shadow safely hide.

I therefore of the Lord will say,
He is my Refuge and my Stay;
My Citadel of strength is he—
My God in whom my trust shall be.

For he shall with his watchful care
Preserve thee from the fowler's snare;
Yea, he shall be thy sure defense
Against the deadly pestilence.

His outspread pinions shall thee hide,
Beneath his wings shalt thou confide.
His faithfulness shall ever be
A shield and buckler unto thee.

No nightly terrors shall alarm,
No deadly shaft by day shall harm;
Nor pestilence that walks by night,
Nor plagues that waste in noonday light.

Because his angels he commands
To bear thee safely in their hands,
To guard thy ways, lest left alone,
Thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Because he set his love on me,
From danger I will set him free.
Because to him my name is known,
On high I'll set him as mine own.

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