Original Trinity Hymnal, #84
Psalm 107:1-9

O praise the Lord, for he is good,
His mercies still endure;
Thus say the ransomed of the Lord,
From all their foes secure.

He gathered them from out the lands,
From north, south, east and west.
They strayed in desert's pathless way,
No city found for rest.

Their weary soul within them faints
When thirst and hunger press;
In trouble then they cried to God,
He saved them from distress.

He made the way before them straight,
Himself became their guide,
That they might to a city go
Wherein they might abide.

O that men would Jehovah praise
For all his kindness shown,
And for his works so wonderful
Which he to men makes known!

Because the longing soul by him
With food is satisfied;
The hungry soul that looks to him
With goodness is supplied.

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