Original Trinity Hymnal, #104
From Psalm 19:1-6, 14

The heav'ns declare thy glory,
The firmament thy pow'r;
Day unto day the story
Repeats from hour to hour;
Night unto night replying,
Proclaims in every land,
O Lord, with voice undying,
The wonders of thy hand.

The sun with royal splendor
Goes forth to chant thy praise,
And moonbeams soft and tender
Their gentler anthem raise;
Over every tribe and nation
The music strange is poured,
The song of all creation
To thee, creation's Lord.

All heaven on high rejoices
To do its Maker's will,
The stars with solemn voices
Resound thy praises still;
So let my whole behavior,
Thoughts, words, and actions be,
O Lord, my Strength, my Saviour,
One ceaseless song to thee.

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