Original Trinity Hymnal, #140

Jesus, my Saviour, look on me,
For I am weary and oppressed;
I come to cast myself on thee:
Thou are my Rest.

Look down on me, for I am weak;
I feel the toilsome journey's length;
Thine aid omnipotent I seek:
Thou art my Strength.

I am bewildered on my way,
Dark and tempestuous is the night;
O send thou forth some cheering ray:
Thou art my Light.

I hear the storms around me rise;
But when I dread th'impending shock,
My spirit to the refuge flies:
Thou art my Rock.

Standing alone on Jordan's brink,
In that tremendous latest strife,
Thou wilt not suffer me to sink:
Thou art my Life.

Thou wilt my every want supply,
E'en to the end, whatever befall;
Through life, in death, eternally,
Thou art my all.

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