Original Trinity Hymnal, #210

Lo, God to heav'n ascendeth!
Throughout its regions vast
With shouts triumphant blendeth
The trumpet's thrilling blast:
Sing praise to Christ the Lord;
Sing praise with exultation,
King of each heathen nation,
The God of hosts adored!

With joy is heav'n resounding
Christ's glad return to see;
Behold the saints surrounding
The Lord who set them free.
Bright myriads, thronging, come;
The cherub band rejoices,
And loud seraphic voices
All welcome Jesus home.

Our place he is preparing;
To heav'n we, too, shall rise,
With him his glory sharing,
Be where our Treasure lies.
Bestir thyself, my soul!
Where Jesus Christ has entered,
There let thy hope be centered;
Press onward toward the goal.

Let all our thoughts be winging
To where thou didst ascend,
And let our hearts be singing:
"We seek thee, Christ, our Friend,
Thee, God's exalted Son,
Our Life, and Way to heaven,
To whom all pow'r is given,
Our Joy and Hope and Crown."

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