Original Trinity Hymnal, #229
Psalm 110

Unto my Lord Jehovah said,
"At my right hand I throne thee,
Till at thy feet, in triumph laid,
Thy foes their ruler own thee."
From Zion shall Jehovah send
Thy scepter, till before thee bend
The knees of proud rebellion.

Thy saints, to greet thy day of might,
In holy raiment muster;
As dewdrops in the morning light
Thy youths around thee cluster.
Jehovah sware and made decree,
"Thou, King of Righteousness, shalt be
A royal Priest for ever."

The Lord at thy right hand shall bring
On rulers desolation;
The Lord shall smite each heathen king,
And judge each rebel nation,
He, swiftly marching in his wrath,
Shall quaff the brook upon his path,
And lift his head in glory.

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