Original Trinity Hymnal, #279
From Psalm 80:1-3, 8-9, 16-19

O thou who the Shepherd of Israel art,
Give ear to our pray'r and thy favor impart;
Thou leader of Joseph, thou guide of his way,
'Mid cherubim dwelling, thy glory display.

In Ephraim's, Manasseh's and Benjamin's sight,
O come thou and save us; awake in thy might.
O God, give us favor, restore to thy grace;
And then we shall live in the light of thy face.

From Egypt's dark border a vine thou didst take;
Destroying the heathen didst room for it make.
Where planted it grew at thy sov'reign command,
With roots deeply set and boughs filling the land.

The axe hews it down; it is burned in the fire;
They perish, rebuked in thy terrible ire.
O lay then thy hand on the Man of thy might,
The Son of Man made to stand strong in thy sight.

No more shall we wander, delighting in shame;
Revive us, O Lord, we will call on thy Name.
O Lord God of Hosts, us restore to thy grace,
And then we shall live in the light of thy face.

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