Original Trinity Hymnal, #354

Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd,
Our little ones are dear to thee;
Gathered with thine arms and carried
In thy bosom may they be
Sweetly, gently, safely tended,
From all want and danger free.

Tender Shepherd, never leave them
From thy fold to go astray;
By thy look of love directed,
May they walk the narrow way;
Thus direct them, and protect them,
Lest they fall an easy prey.

Let thy holy Word instruct them:
Fill their minds with heav'nly light;
Let thy love and grace constrain them,
To approve whate'er is right,
Take thine easy yoke and wear it,
And to prove thy burden light.

Cleanse their hearts from sinful folly
In the stream thy love supplied;
Mingled streams of blood and water
Flowing from thy wounded side:
And to heav'nly pastures lead them,
Where thine own still waters glide.

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