Original Trinity Hymnal, #356

Not worthy, Lord! to gather up the crumbs
With trembling hand that from thy table fall,
A weary, heavy-laden sinner comes
To plead thy promise and obey thy call.

I am not worthy to be thought thy child,
Nor sit the last and lowest at thy board;
Too long a wand'rer and too oft beguiled,
I only ask one reconciling word.

One word from thee, my Lord, one smile, one look,
And I could face the cold, rough world again;
And with that treasure in my heart could brook
The wrath of devils and the scorn of men.

I hear thy voice; thou bidd'st me come and rest;
I come, I kneel, I clasp thy pierced feet;
Thou bidd'st me take my place, a welcome guest
Among thy saints, and of thy banquet eat.

My praise can only breathe itself in prayer,
My prayer can only lose itself in thee;
Dwell thou for ever in my breast, and there,
Lord, let me sup with thee; sup thou with me.

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