Original Trinity Hymnal, #381
From Psalm 66:1-7

All lands, to God in joyful sounds
Aloft your voices raise;
Sing forth the honor of his Name,
And glorious make his praise.

Say ye to God, how terrible
In all thy works art thou!
To thee thy foes by thy great pow'r
Shall be constrained to bow.

Yea, all the earth shall worship thee,
And unto thee shall sing;
To thy great Name shall songs of joy
With loud hosannas ring.

O come, behold the works of God,
His mighty doings see;
In dealing with the sons of men
Most wonderful is he.

He led in safety through the flood
The people of his choice,
He turned he sea to solid ground;
In him let us rejoice.

He rules for ever by his might,
His eyes the nations try;
Let not the proud, rebellious ones
Exalt themselves on high.

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