Original Trinity Hymnal, #459

Jesus, merciful and mild,
Lead me as a helpless child:
On no other arm but thine
Would my weary soul recline.
Thou art ready to forgive,
Thou canst bid the sinner live;
Guide the wand'rer, day by day,
In the strait and narrow way.

Thou canst fit me by thy grace
For the heav'nly dwelling-place;
All thy promises are sure,
Ever shall thy love endure;
Then what more could I desire,
How to greater bliss aspire?
All I need, in thee I see;
Thou art all in all to me.

Jesus, Saviour all Divine,
Hast thou made me truly thine?
Hast thou bought me by thy blood?
Reconciled my heart to God?
Hearken to my tender prayer,
Let me thine own image bear,
Let me love thee more and more
Till I reach heav'n's blissful shore.

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