Original Trinity Hymnal, #519

The Lord is rich and merciful,
The Lord is very kind;
O come to him, come now to him,
With a believing mind:
His comforts, they shall strengthen thee,
Like flowing waters cool;
And he shall for thy spirit be
A fountain ever full.

The Lord is glorious and strong,
Our God is very high;
O trust in him, trust now in him,
And have security:
He shall be to thee like the sea,
And thou shalt surely feel
His wind, that bloweth healthily
Thy sicknesses to heal.

The Lord is wonderful and wise,
As all the ages tell;
O learn of him, learn now of him,
Then with thee it is well;
And with his light thou shalt be blest,
Therein to work and live;
And he shall be to thee a rest
When evening hours arrive.

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