Original Trinity Hymnal, #524
From Psalm 18:1-2, 6, 9-10, 30

O God, my Strength and Fortitude,
Of force I must love thee;
Thou art my Castle and Defense
In my necessity;

My God, my Rock, in whom I trust,
The worker of my wealth,
My Refuge, Buckler, and my Shield,
The horn of all my health.

I, when beset with pain and grief,
Did pray to God for grace;
And he forthwith did hear my plaint
Out of his holy place.

The Lord descended from above
And bowed the heavens high,
And underneath his feet he cast
The darkness of the sky.

On cherub and on cherubim
Full royally he rode,
And on the wings of all the winds
Came flying all abroad.

Unspotted are the ways of God,
His word is purely tried;
He is a sure defence to such
As in his faith abide.

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