Original Trinity Hymnal, #526
From Psalm 30

O Lord, by thee delivered,
I thee with songs extol;
My foes thou hast not suffered
To glory o'er my fall.
O Lord, my God, I sought thee,
And thou didst heal and save;
Thou, Lord, from death didst ransom
And keep me from the grave.

His holy Name remember,
Ye saints, Jehovah praise;
His anger lasts a moment,
His favor all our days;
For sorrow, like a pilgrim,
May tarry for a night,
But joy the heart will gladden
When dawns the morning light.

In prosp'rous days I boasted,
Unmoved I shall remain,
For, Lord, by thy good favor
My cause thou didst maintain;
I soon was sorely troubled,
For thou didst hide thy face;
I cried to thee, Jehovah,
I sought Jehovah's grace.

What profit if I perish,
If life thou dost not spare?
Shall dust repeat thy praises,
Shall it thy truth declare?
O Lord, on me have mercy,
And my petition hear;
That thou mayst be my helper,
In mercy, Lord, appear.

My grief is turned to gladness,
To thee my thanks I raise,
Who hast removed my sorrow
And girded me with praise;
And now, no longer silent,
My heart thy praise will sing;
O Lord, my God, for ever
My thanks to thee I bring.

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