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GCP Helping Families Teach Kids During Coronavirus

There sure are a lot of unknowns as we navigate this season of ministry:

Yes, those are our questions, but we thank the Lord with you for what is known about our great and sovereign God, even in the midst of the unknowns around us! Great Commission Publications is here to help as you continue ministering to the children and families of your church with the truths of God’s Word. How?

One way in which we are helping families is with John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. This classic work of literature has been adapted for children ages 6-12. Second only to the Bible in copies sold in English, this story shares the life-changing gospel by following Christian on his way from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. On his journey he will meet friends and foes, and liars and truth-tellers. And your kids and families can come along—learning how Jesus helps them on the way!

Children discover many important truths, including:


  1. Get the Deluxe Classroom Kit ($85) for your kidmin leader or parent(s) who want to homeschool or host backyard Bible clubs. It has everything you need to lead the adventure!
  2. Invite your families and children ages 6–12 to pack their bags and join Christian on his journey.
  3. Get one Student Pack per child. This $45 value is only $14.99. It includes:
  4. Schedule a Pilgrim’s Progress Pick-up Party to give each family their adventure kit!
  5. Plan an end-of-summer Pilgrim’s Progress event, where each family can showcase their own journey and the church community can be together.

Offer only good by phone at 800-695-3387 until August 31, 2020.


As soon as our churches were unable to meet in person, we began providing FREE weekly lessons to help you continue to minister to your families with young children. If you would like to get access to these free lessons, email ba.snider@gcp.org.

What’s included?

Visit our website at www.gcp.org or call with any questions to 800-695-3387.

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