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Short-Term Missions

Short Video: Moving Testimony from Houston

Janet Birkmann

Check out this 1 minute video clip (LINKED, BELOW) from one of the families helped by OPC Disaster Response volunteers in Houston. After you watch, we would love a quick reply telling us your response and connection to Disaster Response. It would really help us be more effective to hear from you.

After watching the video, I am:

A. Excited and maybe ready to go, but haven't pulled the trigger

B. Intrigued but apprehensive about going

C. Interested but can't see a way to make it work (finances, work, etc.)

D. Moved by the video, but going isn't my thing

E. Other?


This LINK to the VIDEO CLIP will take you away from this website. Please come back to respond after watching!


Click Here to send your response to David Nakhla.

Thank you!


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