Original Trinity Hymnal, #305
From Psalm 84

O Lord of Hosts, how lovely
The place where thou dost dwell!
Thy tabernacles holy
In pleasantness excel.
My soul is longing, fainting,
Jehovah's courts to see;
My heart and flesh are crying,
O living God, for thee.

Blest who thy house inhabit,
They ever give thee praise;
Blest all whom thou dost strengthen,
Who love the sacred ways.
So they from strength unwearied
Go forward unto strength,
Till they appear in Zion
Before the Lord at length.

O hear, Lord God of Jacob,
To me an answer yield;
The face of thine Anointed,
Behold, O God, our shield.
One day excels a thousand
If spent thy courts within;
I'll choose thy threshold, rather
Than dwell in tents of sin.

Our sun and shield, Jehovah,
Will grace and glory give;
No good will he deny them
That uprightly do live.
O God of Hosts, Jehovah,
How blest is ev'ry one
Who confidence reposes
On thee, O Lord, alone.

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