Original Trinity Hymnal, #306
From Psalm 65:1-5

Praise waits for thee in Zion;
All men shall worship there
And pay their vows before thee,
O God who hearest prayer.
Our sins rise up against us,
Prevailing day by day,
But thou wilt show us mercy
And take their guilt away.

How blest the man thou callest
And bringest near to thee,
That in thy courts for ever
His dwelling place may be;
He shall within thy temple
Be satisfied with grace,
And filled with all the goodness
Of thy most holy place.

O God of our salvation,
Since thou dost love the right,
Thou wilt an answer send us
In wondrous deeds of might.
In all earth's habitations,
On all the boundless sea,
Man finds no sure reliance,
No peace, apart from thee.

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