The foreign missions work of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is conducted through its Committee on Foreign Missions (composed of nine ministers and six ruling elders elected by the general assembly) as a part of the Church's total Worldwide Outreach program. Realizing that God upholds, directs, and disposes all things by his most wise and holy providence, we are committed to pursue the opportunities he presents to us to further the proclamation of the gospel to the nations, always bearing in mind that ultimately he is the one who provides the clear and focused opportunity, the necessary personnel, and the required support. The objectives for the work on each of our eight active mission fields—China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Haiti, Quebec, Uganda, Ukraine, and Uruguay—are the same:

  • That the gospel of sovereign redemption through the substitutionary work of Christ be proclaimed in all its fullness in all the world, not only being expressed by word but also being accompanied by the deeds of love to God and man which must flow from it.
  • That the unbelieving be warned of eternal punishment and by God's grace understand the gospel, believe it, and live redeemed lives.
  • That indigenous Reformed churches be established which will provide fellowship and instruction, and make the gospel known in its own culture and in others.
  • That above all the one true and living God shall be praised and worshipped.
  • That these objectives be sought only by means that are in accord with the Scriptures, both means and end thereby producing the overall objective, the glory of God.


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