The Work of the Holy Spirit

The Committee on Christian Education is pleased to announce that The Work of the Holy Spirit, by Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., is now available. It is also available in Spanish translation as La Obra del EspĂ­ritu Sancto.

This 32-page booklet clearly and succinctly discusses spirituality, the gift of the Spirit, sharing in the gift of the Spirit, living out of the gift of the Spirit, and how to be filled with the Spirit—all from a non-charismatic point of view.

Dr. Gaffin, recently retired from Westminster Theological Seminary, is a leading theologian in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and an internationally recognized proponent of the "cessationist" position on the revelatory gifts.

This booklet (in either English or Spanish) sells for $1.25 postpaid. If ten or more copies are ordered, the price drops to only $1.00 per copy (minimum total order: $5.00). Booklets may be ordered using a credit card or PayPal here. They may also be ordered from the Committee by emailing CCEsec@opc.org or calling 215-830-0900 (to be billed later).


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