Home Missions Launches CHMCE.org

Ross W. Graham

The Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension (CHMCE) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website CHMCE.org as part of a family of opc.org websites. Why a website of its own? Because a lot is happening that you need to know about as God continues to expand the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. And we want to get that information to you quicker and more accessibly so that you can praise God and pray. The Committee on Home Missions helps the presbyteries of the OPC to start between twelve and twenty new churches each year. That's a lot of new church planter names to remember! And we keep supporting those new churches and their pastors for their first four years of ministry. That means we all need to keep track of the stories of more than fifty churches around North America—God's blessings, the needs of their ministries, their people and their pastors.

CHMCE.org is a place you can go to find the latest updated information on new churches in the OPC. Just click the Home Missions link on the left menu of opc.org and you'll find the new website. The opening panel will always tell you the stories of at least three of our new mission works. Click on the link for "Mission Works Across North America" and you'll find a map showing where they all are. Click again on one of those map points and you'll be introduced to the church planter in that location. Keep clicking and you'll learn about the new church, its website, and even hear the organizing pastor's sermon from last Sunday!

We hope you will use CHMCE.org to become an informed prayer partner in the vital task of bringing Christ's shepherds into ever closer proximity to his lost sheep.