Last Chance to Sign Up for MTIOPC Classes

Orthodox Presbyterian pastors, elders, licentiates, and men under care have until January 23 to register for one of four MTIOPC courses offered this spring. Ministers and ministerial candidates from sister denominations also may apply.

The featured courses include:

  • Defending the Faith (Presuppositional Apologetics), instructed by the Rev. Dr. William D. Dennison.
  • Pastoral Theology, taught by the Rev. William Shishko.
  • The Westminster Standards, taught by the Rev. Dr. Chad B. Van Dixhoorn.
  • Ecclesiology, taught by the Rev. Dr. A. Craig Troxel.

Classes begin on February 1, 2012. All the classes are two-credit courses. Some seminaries accept credit for the courses.

Every student is required to attend a mandatory Intensive Training session for their course.

  • Intensive Training for Ecclesiology, Defending the Faith, and the Westminster Standards will be held on May 15-17 at Grace OPC, Vienna, VA. Men travel on May 14.
  • Intensive Training for Pastoral Theology will be held April 28-May 3 in the OP Church of Franklin Square, NY.

All students must pay a $50 per course registration fee when they submit their application. The fee is fully refunded when the student successfully completes his course.

OPC pastors, licentiates, and men under care receive free tuition and travel scholarships to attend Intensive Training. OPC elders are charged $50 per course for tuition. Men from other denominations pay a $100 per course tuition fee.

For more information and an application, click on this link or contact Pat Clawson, MTIOPC coordinator. E-mail CCEsec@opc.org or call 215-830-0900. When the message starts, hit *828.

Hurry! Registration deadline is January 23.