Readiness for Ministry in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church Seminars

Richard Gerber

The "Readiness for Ministry in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church" seminar is an opportunity for seminarians to meet ministers and ruling elders of the OPC. This networking opportunity can pay significant dividends when a man is seeking internship, church planting, and pastoral ministry positions. The seminar allows men new to the OPC and men long familiar with her to get better acquainted with the church's values.

The seminar is also an enrichment opportunity for seminary students. Participants interact with ministry situations faced by pastors and sessions of the OPC. The number of "Problem Solving in Reformed Ministry" exercises is being increased in the 2012 seminars.

Readiness for MinistryThe need for new ministers is constant. The OPC continues to plant new churches. Pastors retire or step away from the ministry. These developments provide opportunities for ministry in the OPC. The Committee invests a significant portion of its home mission and church expansion efforts toward people who want to explore ministry opportunities in our denomination, including opportunities for summer and yearlong internships.

During the seminar each participant introduces himself before the group through the vehicle of an interview conducted by a seminar leader. Participants also preach a ten-minute exhortation. The exhortation is to be an exposition of a text of Scripture with appropriate application. Texts will be assigned to each participant prior to the seminar.

The program includes a personal feedback interview with one of the observers. The observations of the elders present at the seminar, concerning a man's gifts and church leadership potential, are discussed with him in the feedback interview. All observers are ministers or ruling elders of the OPC. The aim is to help a man be better prepared for ministry.

2012 Readiness for Ministry in the OPC Seminars are scheduled for:

  • February 10 – 11 Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Taylors, South Carolina
  • February 24 – 25 Westminster Seminary California in Escondido
  • March 2 – 3 Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Readiness for MinistrySeminarians or others interested in exploring ministry in the OPC who wish to attend a seminar and explore the challenge of reformed ministry and the opportunities for service and internship in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church may contact Dick Gerber at gerber.1@opc.org for a registration form. Living at a distance from the seminar sites need not be a deterrent to participating. Assistance may be available for travel for those from outside the seminar area.

Contact Mr. Gerber and express your interest in participating. Licentiates and men under care of the presbyteries of the OPC will benefit from participating. Please pass this article on to seminarians and men under care that you know.

The completion of at least one year of seminary is generally required for participation. You do not have to be a member of the OPC to participate in this day and half enrichment program. You do need a desire to better evaluate your gifts and strengths in general and your giftedness and readiness for church leadership in particular. There is no fee charged for participation. Overnight lodging (when necessary) is also provided.


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