Update: Wall-building Project in Haiti

We are thankful to report that a team of skilled men from several OPC churches has been assembled and will travel to Haiti this month to help complete the building of a wall around our missionary property at Kaliko. The project is already underway, as per the following update from OPC Missionary Ben Hopp:

Construction at Kaliko … Many of you have prayed for the paperwork for the Kaliko property to come through. In God’s mercy, we finally received the paperwork on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, after over 22 months in process. As you can imagine, our hearts are rejoicing! For six years, we have lived with a stick/barbed wire fence around half the yard. Many exciting animal chases have happened over the years, but we are looking forward to having an enclosed yard that will keep neighbor animals out and our dogs in! The project to put a proper block wall around the entire property is already in full swing. A Haitian boss, Bòs Ednè, has been working with his men for two weeks now. The trench for the foundation is finished, the metal pillar supports are fabricated, and the rock foundation will begin to be laid next week. We are thrilled to see this work go forward. Pray for safety, strength, and joy for the dozen Haitian brothers as they work. Pray for grace for Heather and me as we navigate through this project, build relationships with the workers, and interact with the Haitian businesses providing materials for the job. We are looking forward to some folks from the US churches coming to help complete the wall in January.

Our team is scheduled to be in Haiti from Thursday, January 23 through Friday, January 31, 2014. Please pray for the men’s health and safety while in Haiti, and that their skills and fellowship will be a blessing to the Hopp family and to our Haitian brothers with whom they will labor.

Originally published on the OPC Short-Term Missions page.