Thank Offering Video #5: Foreign Missions

Thank Offering Video #5 focuses on the ways in which our foreign mission fields are blessed by the gifts received through the annual OPC Thank Offering. "We're very thankful to see how the Lord is working and keeping his promise that he is the one who builds his church, and we are just servants in his hands," says OP Missionary to Uruguay, Rev. Mark Richline.

"I can't express enough how much it means to us to know that there are so many people (at home) remembering us and praying for us, especially at times when we feel so far away," continues Mark Richline.

"We are thankful to be able to go and to preach the gospel and to teach the doctrines of grace .... As they see their spiritual need, which is their fundamental need, they can receive the encouragement of the gospel and be saved," says OP Missionary to Haiti, Rev. Ben Hopp.

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Thank Offering 2016 Foreign Missions from OPC Thank Offering on Vimeo.


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