Thank Offering Video #2: Home Missions

The theme for Thank Offering 2017 is "Delighting in the Lord."

This week's promotional video features General Secretary John Shaw and Associate General Secretary Al Tricarico of the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension (CHMCE), and two OP pastors from the midwest. We are reminded that God has blessed us that we might be a blessing to others. When we give to the Thank Offering, we are helping CHMCE provide funding to church plants, and coaching and training to church planters, that they might be a means by which people will be saved.

John Shaw, General Secretary:

"Our desire is to see nations, and people from every nation, worshipping God because he is worthy to receive praise. That's what we are giving towards ..."

Al Tricarico, Associate General Secretary:

"I believe that it delights God to see his church grow, and in particular with new conversions. Our committee is thinking very deeply about how to provide more training in evangelism..."

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We hope you will enjoy this promotional video and use it to encourage your congregation to delight in the Lord by giving to the work of his church through the Thank Offering:

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Thank Offering 2017 Home Missions from OPC Thank Offering on Vimeo.


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