2023 Thank Offering: Christian Education Video

The theme for the 2023 Thank Offering is Countless Gifts of Love.

Through this offering, we support the work of Worldwide Outreach of the OPC. This includes the important work of Christian Education, Home Missions, and Foreign Missions.

This week's video features the work of Christian Education. Watch below to hear Rev. Paul Browne and Craig Troxel speak about the OPC's pastoral internship program and the important role it plays in preparing men to serve the blessed sheep for whom our Savior died.

Last week's video featured the work of Home Missions and Church extension. Watch below to learn about the church plant in Zeeland, Michigan and to hear from Rev. Charles Biggs about his work as the Regional Home Missionary in the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic

"People have poured themselves into us [as a church plant] and we recognize this is a gift, so we want to do what we can locally and within our denomination to see Christ's kingdom progress." —Rev. Mike Schout

"The Thank Offering goes to exalt the Father through the beauty, glory, majesty, and kindness of the Son, through the power of the Holy Spirit." —Rev. Charles Biggs

The Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension:

  • Assists the presbyteries of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to plant new churches throughout the United States and Canada
  • Assists presbyteries in supporting regional home missionaries, who identify and develop new church planting sites and help new congregations to find organizing pastors
  • Has a special concern for the large metropolitan areas of North America and for the urban centers of many cities
  • Conducts training seminars for church planters
  • Introduces seminary students to ministry in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  • Helps established congregations find pastors
  • Provides an OPC Loan Fund to help congregations in need of property and buildings

The video from two weeks ago features the work of Foreign Missions, highlighting the work in Mbale, Uganda.

The foreign missions work of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is conducted through its Committee on Foreign Missions (composed of nine ministers and six ruling elders elected by the general assembly) as a part of the Church's total Worldwide Outreach program. Realizing that God upholds, directs, and disposes all things by his most wise and holy providence, we are committed to pursue the opportunities he presents to us to further the proclamation of the gospel to the nations, always bearing in mind that ultimately he is the one who provides the clear and focused opportunity, the necessary personnel, and the required support.


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