OPC Timothy Conference

The second OPC Timothy Conference will be held April 15-18, 2009 at Dyer, Indiana. Believing that the cultivation of the next generation of OPC ministers is vitally important to the health of our church, the Committee on Christian Education has asked local church sessions to help identify young men of piety and ability whom they believe would benefit from having the high calling of the gospel ministry presented to them in a special conference setting.

Young men who are interested in learning more about the gospel ministry should indicate their interest in taking part in this conference to their pastor right away. Pastoral letters of recommendation need to be received by the committee by January 23, 2009.

To learn more about our need for ministers, click here to read Ross Graham's article "The OPC's Coming Ministerial Challenge."

Information was recently emailed to all OPC ministers. If you are an OPC minister and did not receive an email, please contact Danny Olinger at olinger.1@opc.org. For further information see the following documents.

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