New Horizons

OPC Short-Term Missions: 2018 Opportunities

Asia: Teach English to University Students
Haiti: “Team Haiti” – VBS Programs
Japan: Community Center Outreach and Work Projects
Key West, Florida: Evangelism Training and Experience
Naples, Florida: Local Outreach and Service Projects
Quebec: “English for Kids” Bible Camp and “English for Teens” Bible Camping Trip
Uganda: Education Outreach to Young Children
San Antonio, Texas: Local Outreach and Service Projects
South Korea: Teach English to Missionary Trainees
Wildwood, New Jersey: Boardwalk Chapel – Evangelism, Outreach, Drama, Music
Zoar, Wisconsin: “Venture Missions” – VBS on Menominee Reservation
Hurricane Relief Work in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico

Contact: David Nakhla, OPC Short – Term Missions Coordinator

Utah 2017

“After completing the third Team Utah trip, I can easily see the fruit of our trips. First and most obviously, the OP church building in Magna is in much better shape. The office is fully functioning, there is one classroom completely ready to use, two more rooms just need trim, vast areas have been freshly painted, and a myriad of other small projects have been accomplished. While finishing the construction has been nice, Team Utah has also been an encouragement to a small congregation.” — Courtney Habegger, team organizer

Haiti 2017

“Dust. Mount Sinai. Peanut butter. Singing. Ten Commandments. Duck, duck, goose. A lot goes on at Vacation Bible School! Team Haiti 2017 did VBS at three different churches. The Haitian children had fun with crafts and got peanut butter everywhere at snack time. They played games with lots of dust flying, skirts swishing, and cheering for friends. They learned about love for God and neighbor. But most importantly, over 250 Haitian kids heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.” — Rose Perkins

Quebec 2017

“Six kids were assigned to my class [in English for Kids Camp]. We read and discussed the themes of Pilgrim’s Progress each day. As a senior citizen working with these young people, it was a challenge to keep up and keep connecting. But God did it! Each day I had the energy and ideas I needed.” — Rick Taylor

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