Apologetics at Starbucks

When we think about “doing apologetics,” too often (in our circles, at least) what first comes to mind is a debate over apologetic methodology. Are we going to be presuppositionalist-covenantal or “classical”-evidentialist? As a friend of mine used to say, “We seem more concerned with sharpening and polishing our swords than with actually carrying them into the battle.” Doing Apologetics Apologetics—the “defense of the faith”—is an instrument of evangelism, designed to help us reach the lost with the good news of the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom to receive and trust is “eternal life.” As one of the most effective apologists in recent memory, the late Greg Bahnsen, did not tire of saying, our apologetic must be “taken to the streets.” A sound method that is never brought to bear on the actual questions and doubts of a skeptical unbeliever confronted with the claims of Christ is of little value. When the apostle Peter exhorts us to ... Read more

The Witness Needed by a Weary World

Postmodernism is rightly critical of modernism. It recognizes that modernism is unable to account for its closed, naturalistic, materialistic worldview. Modernism’s failure may be seen in its scientism (the conviction that the scientific method is the only path to objective, public knowledge), in its rationalism (which is purportedly autonomous and anti-supernatural), and in the myth of human evolution and progress. Postmodernism does not turn to Christianity, though, to provide the preconditions that make logic, science, ethics, love, and beauty intelligible. In its critique of modernism, postmodernism embraces irrationalism and thus commits intellectual suicide by attempting to “establish” irrationalism through rational argument. That is an internal inconsistency not unlike a Hindu monism that argues against distinctions and at the same time urges its adherents to develop good karma. So postmodernism argues against the best aspects of modernism—the affirmation of objective truth, the ... Read more

We Are Weak, but He Is Strong

When Erick and Kristyn Nieves of Reformation OPC in Queens, New York, learned they were expecting a baby in 2013, the couple was happily surprised. The Nieveses already had two daughters, ages 4 and 1, and hadn’t anticipated an addition to their family so soon. They quickly learned the addition would be bigger than they expected. When Kristyn visited the doctor for her first sonogram in May 2013, she watched the physician study the screen for a long time. She asked if everything was okay, and the doctor replied, “Well, yes. If you look here, you’ll see one … two … and three.” The Nieveses were expecting triplets. It was an overwhelming discovery for a family living in a three-bedroom house on expensive Long Island. How would they afford it? What kind of car would they need? Would Kristyn be able to continue her job as an elementary school teacher while Erick worked as a bridge and tunnel officer? Despite the pressing questions, the couple thanked the Lord for his blessings, and ... Read more


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