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New Horizons

June, 1998: Summer Camps and Conferences

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Orthodox Presbyterian Summer Camps

Orthodox Presbyterians have supported summer camps and Bible conferences almost from the beginning of the denomination. At present, most of our presbyteries sponsor particular programs, sometimes in tandem with other denominations. Following are brief reports of summer camps and conferences, most of which are sponsored or directed by OP presbyteries. If you haven't already thought about getting involved with one, do so! (A list of these and some other conferences and camps can be found at the back of the OPC Directory, listing people to contact for each one.)

Deerwander Bible Conference (New York, New England)

Read more

Renewal for the Called-out Ones

Jesus once said to his disciples, "Come away by yourselves to a lonely place and rest a while" (Mark 6:31 nasb). The disciples had just returned from a preaching tour and were weary. They needed time for reflection, but found themselves in a congested and busy place. How they needed to be alone with their Lord and be renewed in his grace! Jesus' call to his disciples would soon lead them to a fuller discovery of the sufficiency of his grace than they had anticipated, for they would witness the feeding of five thousand in that "lonely place."

The inspiration for the Machen Retreat and Conference Center (MRCC) is the realization that late twentieth-century Christians are so beset with pressures, temptations, and distractions that they hardly have time or opportunity for spiritual rest and renewal. Secular humanism and corruption have so permeated every facet of society that God's people desperately need to come and rest with Christ for a while in order to restore their appreciation of the sufficiency of his grace and to renew his commission to the church. Read more

Live Today ... Treasure Yesterday ... Dream of Tomorrow

[Mr. MacDonald, an elder at Pilgrim OPC in Bangor, Maine, delivered this commencement address last year at a public high school, before retiring as an English teacher.—Editor]

Let me encourage you graduates to enjoy the attention you are getting at this point in your life. I know it sometimes seems that if, for one more time, you have to explain to some remote relative who has come to gush over your achievements just what your plans are for next fall, you will croak. But be patient with them. As Garrison Keillor says, high school graduation is one of only two times in your life when people will gather to celebrate your achievements—and the other time you yourself are going to miss by about three days. So make the most of this occasion. Read more

Ministries to Truckers

There are a number of ministries aimed at truckers, and some churches have their own local ministries to truckers.

Transport for Christ (TFC) was started in 1951. Based in Denver, Pennsylvania, it operates truck stop chapels in the United States and Canada. Chaplains are trained and commissioned for this specialized ministry by the organization. Drivers visiting TFC chapels are offered free Bible correspondence courses. The ministry's monthly devotional magazine, Highway News and Good News, is sent to all financial contributors. TFC provides a list of "trucker-friendly" churches upon request. The TFC statement of faith requires belief in the fundamentals of the faith and allows freedom on nonessentials. Read more

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