In this first episode of the Ruling Elder Podcast, produced by the Committee on Christian Education, Stephen Tracey interviews committee president Rev. Craig Troxel. Ministers and Deacons are well served: ministers have ample conferences and resources, and Deacons have a great National Summit, so Troxel wanted to do something more to encourage Ruling Elders.

At the beginning of the interview Troxel asks, “What word occurs more often in Scripture, Pastor or Elder?” He goes on to share how helpful ruling elders have been to him, and how the committee hopes to continue to encourage ruling elders in their work for the Lord Jesus. We hope you enjoy this first episode, available on January 15. If you have ideas for an episode, please let us know by emailing Stephen Tracey at tracey.1@opc.org.

The Podcast Team,

Gregory Reynolds, Mike Shields, Danny Olinger, Stephen Tracey (and the technical expertise of Abby Harting)

Ordained Servant Online, January, 2023.

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Ordained Servant: January 2023

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