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All this night shrill chanticleer,
Day’s proclaiming trumpeter,
     Claps his wings and loudly cries,
     “Mortals, mortals, wake and rise!
          See a wonder
          Heav’n is under,
     From the earth is ris’n a Sun,
     Shines all night though day be done.”

“Wake, O earth, wake ev’rything!
Wake and hear the joy I bring;
     Wake and joy; for all this night
     Heav'n and every twinkling light,
          All amazing
          Still stand gazing.
     Angels, Pow’rs and all that be,
     Wake, and joy this Sun to see.”

Hail, O Sun, O blessed light,
Sent into the world by night!
     Let thy rays and heav’nly pow’rs
     Shine in this dark soul of ours;
          For most duly
          Thou art truly
     God and man, we do confess:
     Hail, O Sun of Righteousness!

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