Daniel 3

Another one whose name I do not know
Another one whose name remains unnamed
Another one who did not have to go

Amidst the fires of passion I’ve inflamed,
That other one will feel injustice burn,
That other one will stand, and unashamed

To be with me, will quiet my concern
About the words that others shout enraged,
To have me killed so I’m unable to

Play my part upon an obscure stage
Where other men before me did not dare
Complain against this genocidal age.

When all of life seems furiously unfair
Another one will stand beside me there.


Mark A. Green is a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and serves as the president and CEO of Sola Media in San Diego, California. Ordained Servant Online, June–July 2022.

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Ordained Servant: June–July 2022

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