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On Being Connected



Editorial: On Being Connected

Start Those Home Visits Now!

Home Visitation and Family Devotions

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From the Editor. This month I would like you to think with me about a very important form of face to face communication that, among other forms, is being neglected in our culture and in our churches. My editorial below deals more broadly with what we might call the "electronic dispersion" in our culture especially as it has an impact on the church: "On Being Connected."

As we continue to republish some of the best of past Ordained Servant articles please take the time to read David Winslow's practical articles on home visitation: "Start Those Home Visits Now" and "Home Visitation and Family Devotions" (reprinted from Ordained Servant 7.1, January 1998; and 8.1, January 1999). The author is a ruling elder in the Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Westminster, California. He is a member of the General Assembly's standing Committee on Christian Education and serves on the Ministerial Training Subcommittee of the CCE.

Please consult the subject index in the archives: 1992-2005 for eighteen more articles on family visitation and "A Sample Sessional Calling Record" by David Winslow (OS 1.1, p. 22).

Remember throughout 2006 we will be posting a sampling of the best of past articles, while I recruit writers for new articles to be published beginning in 2007. At the end of 2007 we will be publishing all of the new articles in a single annual volume. I will be coordinating my editorials with the theme of each republished article.

Blessings in the Lamb,
Gregory Edward Reynolds

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