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Home Missions Today

September 14, 2011

This is Richard Gerber reporting the September 14, 2011, edition of Home Missions Today. God is using your prayers to develop the ministries of Orthodox Presbyterian mission works across North America.

CEDARBURG, WISCONSIN—Pastor Jim Hoekstra and the congregation of Mercy OPC give thanks that the Lord has brought thirteen first-time visitors in the last three months. This is more than they usually get in a year. Five of the visitors have returned. Please pray that more people would visit and become regular attenders. Mercy OPC ran its second VBS and, although the numbers were small, the children benefited greatly. A redesign of the church website is underway. Efforts to make use of social media to connect with new people are in their initial stages. Please pray for the two men beginning officer training. Eight children from the congregation are memorizing the Shorter Catechism. Be in prayer for a restructuring of the children's Sunday school classes. Give thanks to the Lord for an amazing year of financial stewardship.

BRIDGTON, MAINE—Pastor Tim Beauchamp [beach-um] asks that we join the congregation of Pleasant Mountain Presbyterian Church (OPC) in giving thanks for the many visitors through-out the summer. These months have been very busy with tourists and seasonal guests who come to the western lakes region of Maine. The congregation enjoyed reuniting with old friends, some of whom have been part of the work from its beginning twelve years ago. Meeting new friends, who have recently heard about the work and come to hear the gospel proclaimed, has also been a joy. The mission work thanks God who has richly supplied all its needs both financially and spiritually. There is great joy over the recent ordination and installation of Mark Stevens as a ruling elder. Pray for Mark and Pastor Beauchamp as they care for the Lord's people. Pray for the ministry of the Word, for the salvation of those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ, and for the godly nurture and training of their twenty-one covenant children. Pray also for the worship services held at a local convalescent home, and for other opportunities for making contacts and sharing the Gospel in the community.

MOLINE, ILLINOIS—Pastor Ken Golden asks that we join the congregation of Sovereign Grace OPC in giving thanks to the Lord for his many blessings. These include the peace and unity of the people and the desire to reach the community. The congregation enjoys spending time together. Recently they held a "Family Night at the Ballpark" where they enjoyed a potluck dinner and promoted the church by wearing their Sovereign Grace tee-shirts and bringing a church sign. On Labor Day, they held a picnic in a local park and gave water to bicyclists. The picnic was also enjoyed by some friends of church members. Sovereign Grace Church is experiencing slow but steady growth. Recently two people were received into membership, and the congregation witnessed the baptisms of an adult and a covenant child. Two others are currently in a membership class. Please pray for more visitors and for further ministry to the guests who came to the picnic.

CHAMBERSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA—With a view to planting an Orthodox Presbyterian Church in the Chambersburg area, a public informational meeting is scheduled for 7:00 PM on October 7, 2011, at the Chambersburg Comfort Inn. Please tell those you know in the Chambersburg area about this event. For further details contact Area Home Missions Coordinator John W. Mallin at 717-816-2793 or

Look for the next edition of Home Missions Today on Wednesday, September 28, 2011. To receive an email copy of Home Missions Today, send your request to

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