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September 28, 2011

This is Ross Graham reporting the September 28, 2011, edition of Home Missions Today. God is using your prayers to develop the ministries of Orthodox Presbyterian mission works across North America.

HILLSDALE, MICHIGAN—Pastor Everett Henes gives thanks to God that the people of Hillsdale OPC are growing in their faith and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ! The church recently ended its third community Bible study. This year's topic was One Story: Understanding the Whole Bible and gave an opportunity to share some basic Biblical theology with those in attendance. Each night there were several visitors from the community and some came to nearly every study. Pray that God will use these efforts to grow His church. Pastor Henes has also been invited to write a weekly column for the local newspaper's religion section. Pray that this also would be a fruitful outreach. Finally, pray for pastor and congregation as they welcome the students back to Hillsdale College. Everett comments: "It seems that each year our student numbers grow. In May we said goodbye to 19 seniors and in the last two weeks we have greeted 40 new freshmen! Pray that they would be integrated into the life of the church. Thank you for your prayers!"

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA—Join Pastor David Robbins and Trinity OPC in giving thanks to God for his gracious providence. Outreach efforts on the Marshall University campus have led to good attendance at an ongoing Bible study there, and several community-oriented events are planned this fall, including a Bible conference on November 12. God's people have recently been encouraged by a steady stream of visitors in worship; by the public reception of a new family and the baptism of their covenant child; and by joyfully anticipated membership interviews with three more households. These blessings are valued reminders of God's never-ceasing care as members and regular attenders endure chronic health problems, financial struggles, and other difficulties. Pray that the Lord will grant peace and comfort to his burdened people; that he will raise up wise and faithful officers to serve the church; and that many will be drawn to Christ by the outreach and personal witness of the congregation.

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA—The home of Penn State University is now also the home of Resurrection OPC. Initially an outreach ministry of Westminster OPC in Hollidaysburg, that congregation sent their year-long intern Jeremiah Montgomery to be the mission work's organizing pastor beginning in October. Pray for this young mission work in their first months of morning worship together.

FREMONT, MICHIGAN—About an hour north of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fremont OPC was started in 2008 from a Bible study of interested Reformed believers led by retired OP pastor Dr. Norman De Jong. In 2009 Norm and his wife Wilma were persuaded to come out of retirement to serve the new church there. But earlier this year they felt it was important to retire - again - and asked the church to search for a permanent, full-time pastor. In September Vern and Olena Picknally arrived in Fremont from Carson, North Dakota, where Vern had been the pastor of Bethel OPC. Praise God for his provision for this congregation and pray that transitions will go smoothly.

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