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Daily Devotional

August 31

A First Book of Daily Readings

by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (selected by Frank Cumbers)

Thy kingdom come, O God
Thy rule, O Christ, begin

The kingdom of God really means the reign of God; it means the law and the rule of God.... In one sense the kingdom has already come. It came when the Lord Jesus Christ was here. He said, ‘If I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you’. He said in effect, ‘The kingdom of God is here now; I am exercising this power, this sovereignty, this majesty, this dominion; this is the kingdom of God…. The kingdom of God is also here at this moment in the hearts and lives of all who submit to Him, in ah who believe in Him. The kingdom of God is present in the Church, in the heart of all those who are truly Christian. Christ reigns in such people. But the day is yet to come when His kingdom shah have been established here upon the earth ... That day is coming. The whole message of the Bible looks forward to that. Christ came down from heaven to earth to found, to establish, and to bring in this kingdom. He is still engaged upon that task and will be until the end, when it shall have been completed. Then He will, according to Paul, hand it back to God the Father, ‘that God may be all in all’.

So our petition really amounts to this. We should have a great longing and desire that the kingdom of God and of Christ may come in the hearts of men ... that this kingdom should be extended in our own hearts…. We should also be anxious to see this kingdom extending in the lives and hearts of other men and women. So that when we pray, ‘Thy kingdom come’, we are praying for the success of the gospel, its sway and power; we are praying for the conversion of men and women; we are praying that the kingdom of God may come... everywhere in the world. But it goes even further than that.... It means that we should be anticipating the day when ah sin and evil and wrong and everything that is opposed to God shah finally have been routed ... that the name of God may be glorified and magnified over all.

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, ii, pp. 63–4

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