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Daily Devotional

February 7


by Henry T. Vriesen

Exodus 2

Very early in childhood his mother impressed upon the heart of little Moses the everlasting truths of the living God. For she knew his new home would surround him not only with plenty of earthly splendor, but also with the temptations of pagan idolatry. So he came into the palace and was instructed in all the wisdom of Egypt. He became mighty in words and works. Unlimited possibilities were offered to him. But by faith he refused the splendor of Egypt, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He saw the bondage of the people of God, and his desire was to deliver them from the yoke that lay upon them.

One day he saw an Egyptian, who was cruelly beating a poor Hebrew brother. Moses came to protect him and the Egyptian lost his life. Pharaoh heard about it and the life of Moses became endangered. So with a sad heart he hurried away for his safety, far away into the desert. He came to the land of Midian. It was a hot, dry country. He sat down near a well to rest.

Now, in that country there lived a man by the name of Jethro, who was a priest of Midian. He had seven daughters. They took care of the sheep of their father in the fields, for he had large flocks. These young girls brought their sheep to the well and let down their pitchers to draw up water for the sheep. They poured the water into the trough, so that the sheep could drink. But some rough men came around, who were also shepherds. They rudely pushed the girls away, to get water for their own sheep. When Moses saw how rough they were to the girls, he helped them draw up the water and watered their sheep.

When the girls came home, their father said to them, “How is it that ye are come home so soon today?” They answered, There was a kind man at the well, an Egyptian. He helped us to draw water and to water our sheep. Their father said to them, Where is he? Why did you not bring him home with you? Go and invite him to supper. So Moses came to Jethro. He liked the family so much that he stayed with them. After some time he married one of the daughters. Her name was Zipporah. Moses and Zipporah had a little son. They called him Gershom, which means, “a stranger here.” In the course of time they had another son. They named him Eliezer, which means “God is a help.” For forty years Moses was a shepherd in the lonely desert of Midian. There he heard the voice of God and received the final preparation for the great work God had in store for him.

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