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Daily Devotional


August 27
Bitter Made Sweet

August 28
Sweet Bitterness

August 29
Sorrow After God

August 30
God’s Perfect Way

August 31
Sins of Ignorance

September 1
The Only Hope

September 2
Jacob’s Deathbed

September 3
Jacob’s Expectation

September 4
Jacob’s Salvation

September 5
Jacob’s Departure

September 6
Damnation or Salvation

September 7
Jacob’s Encouragement

September 8
A Blessed Farewell

September 9
Hunger after Righteousness

September 10
Blessed Hunger

September 11
Even on the Horses

September 12
Peace Instead of War

September 13
The Lord Carries

September 14
The Lord Provides

September 15
The Lord Knows

September 16
Above Our Expectations

September 17
No Hired Servant

September 18

September 19
True Thirst

September 20
The Urgent Need of the Daughters of Zelophehad

September 21
Having No Rights Before God

September 22
Pleading Before God

September 23
The Work of the Intercessor

September 24
The Divine Answer

September 25
God’s Promise Is Sure

September 26
A Sure Pleading Ground

September 27
The Need for Salvation

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