Daily Devotional


July 31
Prayer Behind Closed Doors

August 1
Love to One Another

August 2
A Good Custom

August 3
Seek Thy Servant

August 4
God’s Searching Love

August 5
What Is Your Name?

August 6
My Name Is Jacob

August 7
A Prayer for a Prayer

August 8
Sins of Which We Are Not Aware

August 9
Fruit of Grace

August 10
A True Prayer

August 11

August 12
A Blessed Contrast

August 13
I Have No Man

August 14
More Than a Man

August 15
Forget None of His Benefits

August 16
As the Dew

August 17
Sustaining Grace

August 18
The First Shall Be Last

August 19
The Last Shall Be First

August 20
In Days of Sickness

August 21
Peace in Days of Sickness

August 22
To Live and Praise

August 23

August 24
Man’s Helplessness

August 25

August 26
Moses the Intercessor

August 27
Bitter Made Sweet

August 28
Sweet Bitterness

August 29
Sorrow After God

August 30
God’s Perfect Way

August 31
Sins of Ignorance

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