Daily Devotional


February 26
Three Questions

February 27
Rethinking Our Thinking

February 28
Confessing Wrongdoing

March 1
Receiving a Double Portion

March 2
Are You Happy?

March 3
Fitting In

March 4
Watch How You Walk

March 5
Developing Our Own Culture

March 6
Are Believers at a Disadvantage?

March 7
Holy Humour

March 8
God’s Laughter

March 9
That’s Excellent!

March 10
Out of the Mouth of Children

March 11
Ordained Strength

March 12
Keeping the Lord in Mind at All Times

March 13
The Lord Is My Shepherd

March 14
Dark Valleys

March 15
This World has a Copyright

March 16
The Friendship of the Lord

March 17
Good Vision

March 18
Christ Heals the Sorrow of Our Hearts

March 19
Looking at Beauty

March 20
Getting Nervous about the Future

March 21
Blessed is the Nation Whose God Is the Lord

March 22
Life Issues

March 23

March 24
The Characteristics of the Meek

March 25
The Inheritance of the Meek

March 26
Dealing with Depression

March 27
Fleeing from Trouble

March 28
No Fear

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