Daily Devotional


June 25
A Pilgrim in the Earth

June 26

June 27
Blessed Promises

June 28
The Testimony of Joseph’s Bones

June 29
The One Greater Than Joseph

June 30

July 1
The Sorrow of the World

July 2
The Godly Sorrow

July 3
Godly Sorrow

July 4
Characteristics of Godly Sorrow

July 5
True Repentance

July 6
Sorrow of the World

July 7

July 8
Salvation Because of Christ

July 9
Being as Little Children

July 10
Without the Law

July 11
A Doubtful Time of Waiting

July 12
A God Glorifying Time of Waiting

July 13
An Incomplete Sentence

July 14
An Unfinished Sentence

July 15
God Sees All the Trials

July 16
God Avenges Mischief

July 17
A Lesson to Make Us Ashamed

July 18
A Crowned Intercession

July 19
Too Righteous and Too Wicked

July 20
Be Not Over-much Wicked

July 21
Why Shouldest Thou Destroy Thyself?

July 22
Why Shouldest Thou Die?

July 23
The Blessedness of Submission

July 24
The Way of Christ

July 25
Praying Isaac

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