Daily Devotional


April 28
A Wonderful Meal

April 29
When the Doors Were Shut

April 30
The Heavenly Inheritance

May 1
The Gates in the Life of a Christian

May 2
The Last Enemy

May 3
The Last Enemy Destroyed

May 4
With God Forever

May 5
No God!

May 6
Living as if There is No God

May 7
God Is Acknowledged

May 8

May 9
We Let Her Drive

May 10
Small Things

May 11
Give Me the Child

May 12

May 13
The Olive Leaf

May 14

May 15
Agag’s Self-Delusion

May 16
The Worst Mistake

May 17

May 18
From Humiliation to Ascension

May 19
Ascending and Blessing

May 20
He Blessed Them

May 21
Leaving His Blessing Behind

May 22
Carried Up Into Heaven

May 23
All These....

May 24
With the Women

May 25
No Orphans

May 26
The Lord Is Everything

May 27
The Miracle of Pentecost

May 28
The Flesh Is Subdued

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