Daily Devotional


January 13
Salvation for Sinners

January 14
A Blessed Impossibility

January 15
The One-sided Work of the Surety

January 16
Everlasting Bonds

January 17
Who Shall Separate Us?

January 18
An Unforgettable Hour

January 19
The Tenth Hour

January 20
The Way to God

January 21
I Am the Way

January 22
God or Mammon

January 23

January 24

January 25
A Threefold Judgment

January 26
I Am Not Worthy

January 27
Great Faith

January 28
Sorrow and Love

January 29
Suffering Unites to God

January 30
I Am Lonely

January 31
Have Mercy upon Me

February 1
The Cause Removed

February 2
Many Went Back

February 3

February 4
Our Disobedience

February 5

February 6
The Tempter Came to Him

February 7
Stones into Bread

February 8
Blind Love

February 9
An Offense

February 10
The Sower

February 11
Seed by the Way Side

February 12
Stony Ground Hearers

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