Daily Devotional


November 4
A Powerless Intercessor

November 5
The Rejected Mediator

November 6
Grace for Hopeless Ones

November 7
A Greater Mediator

November 8
Grace of Acquittal

November 9
A More Powerful Intercessor

November 10
Do Not I Hate Them?

November 11
Hatred with Grief

November 12
Hate One’s Own Life

November 13
The Need of Love for God

November 14
Trust in the Lord

November 15
The Consequences of Sin

November 16
The Cause of Misery

November 17
In Suffering

November 18
Let Him Pray

November 19
Give Thanks

November 20
The Ten Lepers

November 21
They Were Cleansed

November 22
Where Are the Nine?

November 23
Undeserved Miracles

November 24
True Thankfulness

November 25
Strangers Become Citizens

November 26
True Thanksgiving

November 27
The All-Decisive Question

November 28
An Evil Report

November 29
The Godly Sorrow

November 30
Godly Sorrow Leads to Salvation

December 1
God’s Sign for Noah

December 2
Little Things

December 3
Becoming as Little Children

December 4
God Answers

December 5
Tokens of God’s Favor

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