Daily Devotional


June 1
The Miracle of Pentecost

June 2
The Spirit upon All Flesh

June 3
The Promised Guide

June 4
The Coming Guide

June 5
The Misery of the Lame Beggar

June 6
Look on Us

June 7
No Silver and Gold

June 8
Rise Up and Walk

June 9
Praising God

June 10
If God Be for Us...

June 11
All Things for Us

June 12
Going to the House of God

June 13
Hunger after God’s Word

June 14
The Three Friends

June 15
Love Hopes All Things

June 16
Love Is the Greatest

June 17
Stranger and Companion

June 18
Stranger and Companion

June 19
Stranger and Companion

June 20
Love for Sinners

June 21
Unable to Open

June 22
Grace to Live

June 23
Joseph Humbled

June 24
Joseph Exalted

June 25
A Pilgrim in the Earth

June 26

June 27
Blessed Promises

June 28
The Testimony of Joseph’s Bones

June 29
The One Greater Than Joseph

June 30

July 1
The Sorrow of the World

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