Daily Devotional


December 30
A First Book of Daily Readings

December 31
A First Book of Daily Readings

January 1
Unseen Footprints

January 2
Meditating on the Lord’s Ways

January 3
Questions about Human Origins

January 4
Guardian Angels

January 5
Sending Flowers to Sinners

January 6
God’s Pattern for our Work

January 7
Honouring Your Mother

January 8
Stop Complaining

January 9
Stones that Speak

January 10
Dark Times and God’s plan

January 11
Where do You Find Security?

January 12
Being a Poor Witness

January 13
Your People will be My People

January 14
Open Hearts and Open Hands

January 15
The Foundation of True Love

January 16
Greeting Each Other

January 17
Meeting a Man of Faith

January 18
Protection Under the Lord’s Wings

January 19
Looking for Redemption

January 20
Proper Behaviour?

January 21
Seeking Marriage in Obedience

January 22
Keep Your Shoes On

January 23
The Blessing of Children

January 24
Celebrating the Birth of Children

January 25
A Servant of the Lord Is Born

January 26
From No King to the Great King

January 27
Unanswered Prayers

January 28
Grieving a Lost Child

January 29
Grief Born out of Love

January 30
Jealously Zealous

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